Category: Life

  • I hate arguments

    My girlfriend argues a lot with me. It’s almost as if she’s obsessed with arguing.. as if she likes it, draws energy from it… energies that are of course drawn from me… the process leaves me empty of energy, just wanting to die on some street with dog shit and rain on it. Expectations, expectations,…

  • Toilets are funny

    But the interesting part to me is how in the west they are like “thrones” while in Asia, they are holes in the floor, so there is no throne. And now you have Squatty Potty which lets you keep the throne while simulating the squatting toilets.

  • I hate Microsoft

    Today I found out that my roaming profile in Windows 2000 was partially erased. I had pictures of my recent trip to the states, all gone. I had so many personal documents. all is gone now. how can I not hate Microsoft employees now? Someone was there when the decision had to be made what…

  • DataMining Live Journals

    Basically, If I take the live journals of all 40k users on this system, and analyze its content, won’t I get a pretty vast knowledge base on human behavior? Now there’s an idea 🙂

  • God is not alone

    When god destroyed the dinos, why do it with a meteorite? is this the extent of his power? or perhaps he was not alone, and did not want other entities around him to think he was not giving that race a chance? is this why cockroaches have survived? so that god shows this is not…