I hate Microsoft

Today I found out that my roaming profile in Windows 2000 was partially erased.
I had pictures of my recent trip to the states, all gone. I had so many personal documents. all is gone now. how can I not hate Microsoft employees now?
Someone was there when the decision had to be made what to do with those files in radical situations. Someone made the wrong decision, which has led to my files being deleted. How can I like this company that has created a product that has practically wiped my most precious asset – my memories and my personal documents, which are considered part of my intellectual asset. I am so depressed now. Backups, as usual, are useless… Oh well, there goes another part of my life.

The previous part of my life that’s gone, is the army… I don’t remember much from my military period. I can only attribute this to localized and subliminally directed amnesia. I did not like it, to make things clear.

Well, there goes. I have to move on… wish me luck! I am formatting my PC, and installing Linux on it.

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