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I currently live in Los Angeles (CA), and I’m loving it. I’m a software engineer who is proud of what he does. I believe engineering can be a form of art, when done right.

I value usability and simplicity in my products. I believe 80% of the work is in the planning. I value experience, wisdom, patience, and a growth mindset. I love working with people who are humble, and yet highly motivated. I love pushing the envelope. I love diving into the details, and I love explaining concepts on whiteboards. I love diagraming, even to myself when I sit alone and learn a concept or plan a new architecture for the next big thing I’m building.

I love working with people. This is something I learned early on when I managed my first team of engineers. I think working with a great team of individuals is a privilege few people get to enjoy in their lives.

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HI Skaag really great article. I wondered if you would mind me asking a couple of questions regarding the application of message queues.
1. Do you think a messageQ between a RIA client and a web service backend is a reasonable approach to adopt, we are looking at using JavaFX2 clients and there will be a number of these (10-100) that will use the service we are exposing as a webservice and there will be shared data.
2. Our next scenario is having potentially (3000 clients over a broadband network) that need to process information in both directions and respond to messages ideally near instantaneously.

Hope that is clear, and appreciate your advice.

Personally I no longer believe in using Java within Client side Web Apps, if that’s what you meant. I believe in HTML5 / JavaScript, and using Comet style communications between the Web App and the backend.

With the new Web Sockets available in all modern browsers, and the Comet approach I mention above, you can develop a modern RIA that works across devices, regardless of whether or not the user has Java installed on his device.

P.S. Sorry for the long delay with my answer. I’ve been away for a while, and haven’t checked my blog since February 2012.

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