DataMining Live Journals

Basically, If I take the live journals of all 40k users on this system, and analyze its content, won’t I get a pretty vast knowledge base on human behavior? Now there’s an idea 🙂

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i think the view you’d get would be pretty narrow and not equally spread. just by hitting random you can see for yourself that: 1) most people on here are of higher intelligence than a majority of the population and 2) a lot of people on here are really depressed and all gloomy and 2.5) it takes a certain kind of person to be a “journaler”

okay, enough bull-caca from me.

welcome to lj! 8)

I beg to differ

I think that human nature is the same with all people. No matter how smart you are. Einstein had the same feelings we all have, hate, love, envy, longing, happiness…

I would not want to look for who is richer, and what is the average age… what I would want to research, is personality traits, behaviors in light of various sittuations, and so on. That’s where the gravy is. Ultimately, leading to some kind of a manual to human nature 🙂

Or maybe just some personal and instinctive perceptions and tiny rules of my own about people, to get the feel of humanity, the biomass…

But then again maybe it’s all rubbish 🙂

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