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The Sexy Cripple?

I know this post may disturb some of you, but I have noticed some guys (who’s names I will not disclose here) find the sight of certain crippled people arousing. A friend of mine saw this blond girl on a wheel chair and I swear if I didn’t hold on to a nearby lamp post, his errection would send me flying to Zimbabwe…

Is it because supposedly that person in the wheelchair is helpless, and an easy prey? Is it this kind of inner ferocious instinct usually found in carnivorous mammals?

Or is it because he thinks she is desperate for Sex and will do anything? Or maybe he is imagining her stiff legs and the thought of her dead limbs is arousing in a very perverse way?

This reminded me of the story of Safran and his dead arm, from the book “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer. In that story, Safran, supposedly the author’s grandfather, has a dead arm from birth. This somehow gets him into the arms (and underwear) of most of his village’s women… to the point where it has become a sort of a “secret weapon” for him, which he used to “fish” for his gipsy, non-jewish girlfriend. I seriously recommend that book by the way, it’s awesome in so many ways. And definitely read the book BEFORE you see the movie.

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mmm… cripples…grrr..

Maybe it’s the sado driven instinct going of limits when seeing a self mutilated/non-autonomous/natural slave girl..
Maybe it’s the uniqueness that our pattern matching brain algorithm finds compelling.
Perhaps, it is the damsel in distress act which is hard wired to every mammal, boosting your odds of wasting resources for sex.
naturally, this sort of short term thinking may not take into consideration the lack of autonomous resources of the bride to be, which might suggest a darker, rape-like side of personality, that all men have. except few exceptional people, such as my self.

maybe she was just cute.
maybe you should be so judgmental on people seeking kinkier sex, you freak 🙂

You know where I read about this first?
In the book “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Feuer.
In his book, the protagonist’s grandfather is born with a limp arm.
It gets him lots and lots of sex 😉

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