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  • How to succeed on OKCupid

    Preamble I am no longer on OkCupid myself. I erased my profile sometimeĀ beforeĀ I got engaged. However I talk to many friends who ask me how I managed to find my wife on OkCupid, and I found myself explaining it so many times that I decided to just post it on here for everyone to see. […]

  • Single again!

    As Forest Gump’s Mother said: Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get. Aren’t mothers amazing? I won’t get into the reasons here, but the plain and simple truth is that as of last Sunday, I am officially divorced. Since I married religiously according to the Jewish Faith, I […]

  • The Sexy Cripple?

    I know this post may disturb some of you, but I have noticed some guys (who’s names I will not disclose here) find the sight of certain crippled people arousing. A friend of mine saw this blond girl on a wheel chair and I swear if I didn’t hold on to a nearby lamp post, […]

  • How to properly measure your member

    Nonsense warning: I’m in a good mood, so I decided to write a completely silly entry in my blog. I did not try the method mentioned below, so try at your own risk! There have been lots of debates on penis size. Some say size matters, some say it’s how you use it, etc. The […]