US Protective of Internet governance

Maybe it’s just me but I think it’s kinda stupid that bodies like ICANN and RIPE/ARIN still exist. Read this piece about the UN trying to broker peace between the US and the rest of the world about who should govern the internet and you get the picture.

You would think that by now some opensource initiative would be started, by people living in many countries, where new open and free DNS Root servers are donated by various commercial bodies, and spread around the planet. Fair rules would be devised about how domains are registered, probably quite close to what’s happening today. Domains would cost very little since all you need is enough to maintain the root servers around the planet. Even $1/year/domain would be more than enough. Perhaps the people working on the project would get financial help, or maybe students would get grants to help extend the technologies used to hold it all together.

I am willing to help anyone who wishes to join such a project. Free hosting and help from leading internet experts! Contact me if you are interested 🙂

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