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Updates on our world tour

Introduction to the update

As some of you already know, me and my wife are planning to see the world, all while working and making money. We first left Israel and traveled to Finland, where my wife worked and studied at Helsinki University. After 5 months of working and seeing Finland (and Lapland), we took a taxi to St. Petersburg, Russia, where we spent some wonderful time walking around one of the most romantic and beautiful cities on our planet. My wife then flew to Israel to give her thesis for her masters degree, and to be with her parents before we start our “Big” tour. In the mean time I stayed some more in St. Petersburg to explore it a bit and learn the Russian language, and 4 weeks later here I am in Morocco, staying with my dad, until my wife joins me and we’ll continue our trip.

Why did we start this trip at all?

My wife wants to see the world. She spent almost 10 years in academia. I thought about it long and hard, and decided it suits me as well, and thought it would be a great idea to do this together. I also wanted to travel but never got around to doing it. Friends of mine travelled immediately after they completed their military service, but I was working in the hi-tech industry, being the geek that I am. India could wait, with its promises of endless beach parties, hallucinogenic drugs, and women.

But why a boat?!

I looked at the map of the world, and said, ok, Europe, Russia and Africa, no problem, huge landmasses. much of Asia as well, like China, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

But the islands, and all the way to Australia, is mostly water, plus we want to see the great barrier reef, and..! we need to keep working, so having an office with internet and electricity is critical or else we won’t have money to fund all this.

Where next?

If all goes according to plan, here are our next steps:

  1. Buy a camper, and fit it with internet connectivity & solar panels
  2. Travel for a month in Morocco, discovering the country’s beauty and culture
  3. Take the ferry to Spain, and start criss-crossing europe, all the way to Russia
  4. Criss-cross all over Russia, all the way to China
  5. Once in China, travel to Hong Kong, where we will try to build a boat!

With the boat built, these are our next steps:

  1. Reach Japan and explore it
  2. Reach Vietnam and explore it
  3. Reach Thailand, and the Philippines, and explore them
  4. Reach the Great Barrier Reef, and sail around Australia
  5. Reach India and explore it
  6. Cross the suets canal, into the mediterranean sea
  7. Explore the countries in the mediterranean
  8. Reach Morocco again, rest there for a while
  9. Sail up to the nordic region, all the way to Sweden

In Sweden, my wife plans to start working on a doctorate, this means we’ll stay there for a few years, and also means the end of our “big” tour.

A possible extension of the tour, wold be to cross the atlantic, all the way to Canada and the Thousand Islands region, which we want to explore with the boat.

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