Thinking Machines – Good / Bad

Data Mining is missing from our lives. It could be used so much, but is not… why?

Data Collection is a difficult and hated task for most people. Not many people like the fact that they have to swipe a card when they get into and out of work.

That’s just one example, but it demonstrates a fact that will just not change. Nothing we can do, will make people LIKE data collection. Just take the entire Privacy issue – People are really getting sensitive about their privacy. Some like their privacy because of all the junk mail they get, and some are just doing it because of ideology – a person’s privacy should be kept religiously.

This can mean two things:

1. We could create machines that collect data on their own, for example, find when I come to work for the first time that day, and mark it down. How does this affect privacy?
2. We just give up on the entire data collection issue, and hope the world will become a better place, without all of the technology advances.

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