The world we live in, and me

You see the fights, you will avoid them. Aggravation, you will avoid. In fact, you avoid anything that you deem negative. Blood, Shooting, Death – These are things you mostly see in the news; most of us (including myself).

Some will say, some things – better not know. You better not experience SOME things. I say, how will you know if you don’t? The closest you can imagine a situation, it will be a general script, but never the experience. An experience leaves a mark on you, your imagination will never. Whatever you can imagine, is made out of things, elements, that are and have been in you, whether recycled from other elements and thoughts, or planted from someone else’s recycled and processed elements. Still, its the same, it is not until you have experienced, that you Really know, and then you have the mark. This is the mark that triggers the original elements with which you mix all your other inner or outer planted elements, and pass on to others. This is the cocktail of originality, which can either portray you as crazy, or as original and artistic, or maybe a product of an incident/event, one that should pass.

Am I going to realize that at some point I am going to have to put myself on a track which will lead to my positioning such that I will experience such an event that will leave a mark in me forever?

I don’t know. Who knows? Nobody. Nobody? Somebody knows. Someone inside me? Maybe. Is this a dialog between me and myself? Possibly.

This is too scary.

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