The nature of natural

What is nature? Nature is all around us. It is the people, the animals, the buildings, the roads, the atomic power plants, the power cables all around us, the oceans, the forests, television, mobile phones, the radiation we humans emit on ourselves, the trash we create, the metal cars we dismiss within a few years to rot, the vast amounts of plastic we throw into the environment, the floating islands of junk, the homeless, the airplanes, the effects we have on the environment, the wars, the poor, the rich, the enslaved, the enslaving, the sick, the healthy, the crazy and demented, the young, the old, the rivers we stopped, the rivers we created, the people we displaced, the species we murdered, the species we consumed to extinction, the new species we created, the people we medicated, some of which were healed, the people we medicated and killed by mistake, the people we medicated unnecessarily, the people we killed for oil, gold and diamonds, the people we rescued, the coca cola we made, the burgers we sold, the societies and cultures we created, the societies and cultures we abandoned or killed or stifled, the games we played, the drugs we made, the drugs we consumed, the drugs we sold to little children who don’t know better…

All this is nature. We are the planet, part of it. The planet produced us, and we can continue existing, or we might cease to exist soon. It is our decision, but our decision is natural, guided or misguided as it may be, and we will either kill ourselves, or allow ourselves to continue to exist. It is up to us, up to our “nature”, to control our own future.

At least until planet Nibiru comes for a visit in a few years and kills us all 😉


3 responses to “The nature of natural”

  1. Nicely done.  While on vacation in West Michigan last week – I saw the night sky in one of the clearest forms I’ve ever seen.  It reminded me that with so many forces out of our control and understanding it’s easy to forget how much we take for granted in our own lives.

    Despite apparent forces that seem way out of our control – we must always pause or even take a step back once in a while to really understand that we have the ability to take control and at least try to drive in a fulfilling direction.

    Although… that one star in Orion is supposed to explode in a tremendous huge supernova.  Apparently when it does – earth will be fried before we’d even have the chance to see it in the sky. :/

    Bahhh!  Take control of your life while you still can!!!

  2. The nature of the natural world consists of the ant hills them selves, much like down town NYC.
    The natural process will be the natural process unfolding. that might be our eradication in 2012 by a comment/aliens/AI/NWO/bio-hazard.
    Or the pink goo scenario, of forever human prolifiration.



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