The Creation – Question

What would be a bigger miracle? The fact that a god exists indeed, and that he has created Earth and Humans, or, the possibility that out of space dust, planets, suns, gasses, and liquids, we were created – a chain reaction of chemistry and physics?

I opt for the second option, and I think that it is a greater miracle than if a god existed and actually planned us.

Not that what we are is not amazing to the point where one says “Damn, this must be a design, and not a fluke”, but that’s what makes the fluke more interesting and amazing.

The possibility of us being alone in the universe is almost zero, if we go for the second option (not created by one god, but rather by a long process that happened because certain conditions existed in a certain location, at a certain distance from the sun).

However, for those who insist that a god exists, I say ok, there has to be SOMETHING out there that put the space dust. But did god actually create earth as it is today, or did he just plant the seeds? (Seeds being the material spread around the universe).

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