The Anchor and the Ship

There once was an abandoned anchor on the bottom of the sea. The anchor was lonely, but it had all the water in the world, and the fish, and the plankton, and the sand that served as a comfortable pillow. The bottom of the sea was comfy, and the anchor liked that… but something bothered the Anchor… and memories of a once prosperous career as an anchor of a ship kept coming back, once in a while. It all stopped one day, when the chain that held the anchor broke, and he dove into the depth of the ocean, to rest there forever. Indeed it was sad, and the anchor longed for some action.

Every once in a while, a ship would be seen high above, but that ship would already have an anchor. Sometimes, some of the anchors would anchor next to him, and they would tell him stories of the big world, and what’s going on up there, and how the ship liked them, and how all the sailors cleaned them from plankton and salt every time they were pulled back on board… but not for our poor little anchor, who was by now covered with sand, salt, and algae. This only depressed our anchor.

One day, a ship came by, that had no anchor. The ship was shiny and functional, and it aspired to greatness, but then, how great can a ship be without an anchor? And that’s why when the ship noticed the anchor, and the anchor noticed the ship, they both though that this is a marriage that could only be devised in heaven! And so, the two have discussed an agreement where the anchor would serve as this ship’s anchor, and the ship would be the anchor’s ship, and all were happy.

The next day, the task of lowering a chain from the ship, and attaching it to the anchor, has begun. Sailors were sent to the bottom of the sea, and the chain was securely attached to the anchor… but alas, a storm was coming, and it was now time to go back home. Raise the Anchor, shouted the cap’n of the ship… “RAISE THE ANCHOR”!!!

The sailors worked hard, trying to pull the chain… they used the motor, but this did not help.. they tried prodding, and moving back and forth the ship, and turning around, and doing it all around, but nothing would work.. the anchor was too tied to the bottom of the ocean and would not leave. Hi-ho.. Hi-hooo…. the sailors wept and pulled… finally, the storm brew stronger and more violent, until the sea become high and swallowed the ship along with the strong and shining crew.

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