Couch Surfing

I first heard about Couch Surfing from my wife. We both joined the site, because we loved the concept and were curious about trying it.

Since joining, I hosted one cool person, and joined several real life meetings (last one being yesterday night). We are also about to host a lady from France this coming Saturday.

I have to say that so far, my experience has been very positive. The members of the site who seem to “get” the idea, are positive and friendly, and that’s really great because it gives you a sense that something is right with the world, and that it’s easy to make new friends, hear amazing stories about their travels around the planet, and learn from their experience.

They are also extremely helpful when someone comes with a question or request, and I believe this is the spirit of being “good” to each other as people. If only more people lived their life in that spirit, the world would look more like a big family, than a bunch of people living their life alone.

My love and respect to the organizers of the site, and to the participants who really put their soul into the thing.

Their site:

Update: I have hosted another guy from Michigan, USA. He was simply awesome!!! I really love 🙂