Still looking

I have a few default options with women… There’s this 21 year old girl who has no problem getting intimate with me. She is not a ripe fruit in terms of a relationship, but she makes for great fun, and besides, if she would not hang around with me, she would be hanging with married men (which is exactly what she did last week before I re-initiated contact with her).

Then, there’s a few more options. Some say they want to marry me, but I am not ready for that kinda thing right now. It seems like my life is on a crossroad right now, with my career, and I don’t know yet what I might do when something happens that will push me to make a decision.

And yet, I keep looking for love, because I need love… what am I hoping for? that I will find a woman so compelling and amazing, that I will have no choice but to somehow settle and build a life?

Most of my friends are now married. It seems like they are doing well… but then, who knows when the bomb lands? NOBODY expects the polish (eh, Spanish) inquisition!

That’s life, forever – men in general, want things to be simple. Women are much more complex creatures, and want different things. Doesn’t take a genius mind to know that. I actually know many exceptions, on both sides.

So how to cope with the situation? there’s definitely not a quantitative balance between the complex and simplistic people, definitely not between the sexes. Add to that the fact that you actually need chemistry, once you DO find a woman who’s personality suits you, and add to that the fact that you are not always ready for a relationship – where does that leave us?! the chance are reduced to, what… zero?! 🙂

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