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Stay away from UltraHosting

Today I have been burned with UltraHosting.

They want me to pay $75 just to boot a rescue CD on my machine which failed to boot a new kernel, around 24 hours ago (it has failed, because they initially set only 46mb to my /boot/ partition, which is not enough for modern kernels). So basically, my data is being held hostage for a $75 ransom, until next month where I am entitled to another 15 minutes of free support. Then I will be able to ask them to spend the 2 minutes to boot a rescue CD. Then I will be able to SSH into the box, and get my data.

Besides, Their support staff takes hours to respond, their billing staff even longer, and they are not helpful at all, leaving you on the edge, eating your own fingernails. I mean, around 18 hours until receiving the answer from them that they won’t help me without me paying the $75…??

Why anyone works with them is beyond me, especially when there are so many superior competitors in the market, with Remote Boot and KVM-IP features (Hey, With those features I could have fixed my own server in less than 10 minutes! been there, done that!).

Goodbye Ultrahosting… and “good luck” surviving as a hosting company…

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Who did you end up going to?

Im at ultrahosting too, and actually found them not bad so far. Ordered a server using their price match, which ended up being a quad core 2.66Ghz with 1TB drive in hardware raid for $81 a month. This was two years ago, at that time far below common prices.

Support can be a bit slow, but I havent really needed it. They use quality hardware (Intel chassis and board for my server for instance) and their network is Peer1 – which is considered one of the best. I must admit that every now and then there is a network issue, but usually resolved within an hour. If the downtime is longer they also pay back your monthly fees as per the SLA 🙂

Look, I hate to give negative reviews about anyone – But anyone can take a computer and install an OS on it for you, stick it in some rack somewhere, and call it a hosting company. Maybe for you it’s enough, but I think it is NOT. In my opinion, The best way to measure a hosting company is by the level of service they provide to customers in times of trouble. When things are working, nobody worries, but there are edge cases where you need your hosting company, and you need them NOW, and you need them to be helpful. Ultrahosting are none of that.

I had a crashed machine, and couldn’t access it or get to the data, and they wanted lots of money to just boot the computer into a Rescue system. I had sites down for weeks because of them.

So I suggest you read the small letters in their terms of service, and give special attention to the extra costs you’re going to HAVE to pay in case of trouble…!

My own damages in time lost and customers lost is estimated at around $2500, and more if you look at the long term. So I hope my post has deterred at least one person or company from becoming their customer.

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