Singularity very near

When you read articles such as this one: Will a Computer be Implanted in Future Human Brains? you can’t help but say: Ah, the singularity is closer than ever.

For me there is no doubt that eventually, small parts of my brain will be enhanced and replaced, and eventually, all of it will be replaced. It will create a new me out of me, with extra dimensions. I’m betting it will also help me revive very old memories that lost certain associations and are stranded (Some brain “doctor” software will find and fix corruptions in my memory).

It is at this point that I will have the option to become immortal, by uploading my consciousness to a central hive mind, where I will be able to live in a virtual reality, and later, as more advanced robots exist, I will be able to inhabit a body that looks and feels like a real human body (kinda like what the Cylons did, in Battlestar Galactica).

I’ll try to cover more on this subject in my blog from now on, since this subject interests me a lot! 🙂

Update: Another article about controlling something with the mind: In the Future You Will Control Machines With Your Mind

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