Me and Yamit have recently started going to Salsa courses again. It’s a lot of fun, and I feel I am improving. Last Saturday we went to Roueda which is Salsa in groups (usually circles). I think the meaning of the word “Roueda” is “Wheel” or “Circle”.

We joined a beginner group and although I know the basic step (and maybe one or more other steps beyond basic) it went from boring to interesting to difficult in a matter of minutes. We learned all the basic steps required for proper Roueda interaction. I learned that women are not naturally born dancers, and that while I exchange partners (part of the Roueda thing) I had success with some women, a total failure with some other women, and of course it was absolutely perfect with Yamit (and for you “awwwwwing” guys out there, it’s not because we’re a couple in love, it’s because Yamit is a very good Salsa dancer).

We decided that until the wedding, we will try to work on a Salsa dance, in a feeble attempt to impress our wedding guests (that’l show them who’s boss).
Of course some of you do not know who Yamit is, so just for the record we have been dating for 7 month now and as of 2 weeks ago we are engaged. More about that in a future post, perhaps, and perhaps never.

One thing I did notice, for all you single males out there, is that Salsa evenings are chock full of good looking babes who are looking for that special guy who can dance them to happy life 😉 (Who said I never gave tips?)

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