Music re-discovery

A couple of months ago I upgraded my internal laptop drive to SSD. I’m very happy with the massive performance increase and the physical reliability. However, since the SSD drive is significantly smaller than my old magnetic drive (160GB vs. 512GB) I decided not to copy over any of my old music. This saved me from transferring almost 50gb of data.

The main reason for this decision was that I probably stopped listening to more than 50% of that music. I saw it as an opportunity to start from scratch, and only copy one artist at a time from my old collection, and only if I am reminded of them and really want to listen to them again. Another decision I made was to only transfer the tracks I liked (I made one exception so far with Yellow Submarine, because I love absolutely each and every track in that album). This would save tons of space, and increase the chances of enjoying a random playlist.

The first ones to make the move were: Kraftwerk, The Smiths, The Advent, The Beatles, and a bunch of Ambient tracks (Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Aphex Twin, Vidna Obmana, Zegunder, William Orbit, etc).

I am thoroughly enjoying the experience, and recommend it to anyone wishing to rediscover the music they love.

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