Memories of the deceased

I hold the people dearest to me in my heart, at all times. I miss them. Some of them are no longer with us… I still get “miss” attacks, and during the more severe ones, I still sometimes cry. Mostly in secret.

Grandfather, I miss you so terribly. I cherish the years I spent with you in my childhood. I come from you. I will never forget. I miss you and I love you, forever. For all eternity. Until all atoms in this universe freeze. Your lifeĀ is an inspiration to mine.

Grandmother, I miss you so much. No creature can be said to have been more good hearted than you. Your goodness and kindness lives on in the memory of those you left behind. It is an inspiration to all who knew you, and I hope to not disappoint your ways by being kind hearted, just like you were. I was very lucky to have had a grandmother like you. I will never forget your kind face, your kind eyes, your warmth which radiated from you like a beam of high powered energy.

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