Married at last, Pfeww!

There is a ring on my finger. It feels good. It feels great in fact. I married a great, great woman, and I feel lucky. The knowledge that Yamit has a twin ring on her finger, linking her to myself in an emotional and faith sharing way is a magical, mystical wonder to me.

I’m so very happy to have finally started the second stage of my life as an adult (the first being a self sustaining adult). And soon, to the third stage where I give of myself entirely, to raise children (ETA: 3.5 years).

The wedding itself was nice. We took a strategic decision to be there with our guests, as opposed to simply “appearing” for the religious ceremony. This proved the right thing to do because the wedding came and went fast enough as it is, and if we had decided to only show up for the ceremony, we would have even less time to be with the guests, and the wedding would seem even shorter.

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