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Coming early to work is now a goal – the roads are crowded at 8am, more and more people come to work early. it must be something right to do, if so many people want to do it. I can guess that some of my reasons are also theirs.

Recently, having a girlfriend that I love, cost me in terms of my work. People see me less in the office. With a normal person, going home at around 18:00 to 19:00 would be considered a bit strange (why is he staying so late?), but in my case, it’s considered weird for a different reason (being, why is he leaving so early?).

The questions that are raised most often:

1. Does he care less about the project now?
2. Does he work somewhere else? (yeah right, where would I start working at 19:00?).
3. Does he have other projects at home? (yes, my life!)

So coming early makes things different. In startup companies, where coming early is considered a sin, when you come early nobody asks questions. People just know you were there before them. If anyone asks questions, everybody tell him, “What? He comes here much before you, you have no right to ask!”… at least that’s what I know happens 🙂

Two days ago I came at 9:10, yesterday at around 9:00 and wasn’t the first (only one person was here before me) so today I came at 8:30 and was the first. I opened the office, turned on the lights, air conditioning, and sat in my office. 25 minutes passed until someone came, and hence my victory was claimed 🙂

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