I am enjoying it alone

Ok, I’m alone, nothing came out of the last attempt at a date (the one YOU know of), and nothing came from last week’s date (one I haven’t written about here).

A week has passed. Now I am beginning to think about just keeping this cool status of a single individual.

True, when I see two lovers, my heart aches a bit, but then, I think about what she must be doing to him at home, or perhaps in general (not just at home), and I start thinking, well, I just IMAGINE them happy… perhaps they just look happy, but in reality, maybe one of them is choking badly… maybe it will end, like mine did.

Maybe not, maybe they will get married, have children… and THEN it will end! 🙂
(Painfully, in court, with one of the kids committing suicide, and other misc. drama).

Well, now life is nice, simple, flowing. I meet friends, I have fun. Life is good. I even save tons of money.

There. Another day, another entry…


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