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Today I was accepted as a Beta Tester of Gmail for Domains. This means that all mail for my domain (for example: will now be handled by Google. I get up to 1000 mailboxes of 2gb each. That’s 2TB potentially!

That’s quite awesome. I have already changed MX records for the domain, and it actually works. I sent a test mail to a mailbox on and it was received immediately.

Here are some screen shots. First the Dashboard:

The Dashboard

And the Domain Settings:

Domain Settings

So the next question most people I know asked me was: How do I automate the creation of Mailboxes for my domain users?

There is no API for this as far as I know. You can either create them manually one by one, or you can upload a CSV file using the “Advanced Tools” section. Google shows you how to create a CSV file with Microsoft Excel however you can easily generate this CSV file yourself in Java/PHP/Perl/etc.

On the other hand you would have to create a script that logs in, and then posts the CSV file to the same URL in the “Advanced Tools” form. A bit hacky but should work!

Here’s what the “Advanced Tools” section looks like:

Advanced Tools

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