Get your asses moving

My landlords to be are driving me crazy. I’m about to rent a beautiful apartment from them, in Givatayim, and I’m leaving one in Tel-Aviv, that’s also nice and close to Shenkin (A street full of young crowd, nice restaurants, bars, cafe’s, and boutiques).

We were supposed to move in a month ago, but the wife doesn’t seem so reluctant to leave that apartment, and so, they gently try to prolong their stay. They have built a new house on Caesaria (Beautiful place in the north, on the sea), and I can understand why the wife doesn’t wanna leave so fast – The area surrounding Tel-Aviv is very lively and it’s never boring, while in Caesaria, well, it’s packed with villas, beaches, and nothing more. No stores, no clubs, no night life (You have to drive far for that), no boutiques, no malls…

Ok, so some people think it’s a paradise when there are no malls miles around you. I agree. But I think it’s a matter of where you are in life, and what you feel you need. I think that they are certainly in the right stage to move, but I guess it’s also difficult to leave a house you’ve occupied for the last 9 years. Their firstborn was raised in that house, and they probably had their share of joy and happiness in that house.

But I’m dying to move in already! I was sure I’d be there yesterday. I talked with the husband, and now he says that it will be around the 2nd of next month, but since he’s going to paint the house and spray it against bugs and other harmful entities, and fix up a few things for us (yay!), it would be best if we enter on the 15th of next month.


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