Fucked country

I live in a Fucked country. All the officials in this country are not fit for the job. You would think that someone who is going to run a country would have several degrees in psychology and a strong financial background… Not to mention a very high mark in a very well conceived emotional intelligence test.

Israel is surrounded by Arab countries. You would think that expert negotiation teams would be setup among all of the sides, but this is not done. why? beats me.

Am I the only one who know what should be done in order to bring world peace? If this is the case, then just tell me, and I will certainly do it. If the fags up there in governments can’t do it, I’ll override all of their power and bring world peace and an end to hunger and misery.

Wait a sec… I will have to leave my job which I like very much… hm… kinda makes you think twice, doesn’t it…? nah. I should probably scrap this so that nobody gets any ideas… there, I’ll just push this Post button here, and it will cancel the post…

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