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I’m 35 years old today. Goodness…! <gulp>

I decided I’m going to skip being weird this year, on my birthday. I guess this defeats the purpose because I usually am weird on my birthday, so not being weird this year will be weird in itself 🙂

To all my friends and family, I’m proud of you all, and thank you for being part of the journey so far. Here’s to our future together, may it be a glorious one 😀

[UPDATE: August 30] I ended up being weird anyway, the majority of the day. I took half a day to walk aimlessly (some call this “walking meditation”). After half an hour of walking without thinking about a thing, I started thinking about life, and ended up performing some inner accounting of the many strange events of late. My wife ended up coming back from University after all, to spend the evening with me, and this seriously raised my happiness levels to the point where I stopped being weird 😉

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