Departing from this world

When humans die, they usually do it without advanced warning. Of course, you might sometimes be able to tell that a person isn’t going to be around for long, but when he does, it’s almost always a surprise.

When the person goes away, depending on the religion, people will talk about the person, and say things. Some things will be true, some others will be exaggerations that try to show how great the person really was.

I suggest that when a person knows he’s about to go, that person would gather all of the people he cares about, for a final time together. This would not be a sad event, it would allow all of the people to have a good time together, before that person goes. The person would even be able to speak about his life, what he has done, what he tried and couldn’t do, for whatever reasons, and actually say goodbye to people, instead of just leaving them all surprised.

It doesn’t matter if the person will continue living for a month, or even a year, as the last goodbye has already been said. Perhaps, if the situation improves suddenly, another party could be thrown much later, when things get bad again, and danger lurks around…

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