Cooler earth inevitable

We seem to be heading towards a period of time where the planet is going to get cooler and cooler to the point where we may face longer winters, and harsher weather.

The logic here is simple: I see two energy consumption models:

  1. Internal energy – fossil fuels, gas, wind, etc. these are all elements that exist within our planet.
  2. External energy – sun and other types of radiation, the earth gets infinite amounts of those.

We are still consuming #1 and will be doing so for a while however the trend is clear – the planet is going to move to solar power. Solar panels will provide electricity to convert water to hydrogen, or heat water.

When we move completely to #2 we will be using energy generation techniques that do not generate heat – on the contrary, they take heat and convert it to energy or in the case of air conditioning, convert it to lower temperatures.

30 to 50 years later, the pollution will finally settle into the dirt, giving us pristine air quality of the likes you can breath on the alps. The lack of pollution and other greenhouse gases will lead to increased heat loss through the atmosphere, and to colder weather. This will no doubt be a slow and gradual process, but this is where I see things going.Comments please? 🙂  


4 responses to “Cooler earth inevitable”

  1. First of all, the entire planet’s sun radiation does not have enough energy to completely sustain even the current human civilization, since fossil fuels are the accumulated “sun rays” of planets and dinosaurs.
    Secondly, when an AC is on, the amount of heat is expels equals the amount of cooling it exude.
    Thirdly, as the world becomes more and more digital , interconnected and virtual  people will have less of a need to travel far, as they will live and work in a close geographical community where walking will be a plesant leisure time activity.
    removing private cars will solve most of the problem to the entire plant, and we can see it happening today..i the Bu-A of Tel Aviv:)

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