Communications between species

If you take a class of 40 people, record them on tape, then accelerate the playback, I think it will sound just like a bunch of birds in a big tree. Although the information passed is different by definition, the methods, reactions and interactions, even perhaps head movements, would bear a resemblance.

After all, coming to think of it, we are animals ourselves. Let us not fool ourselves, even if we are surrounded by technology, cars, computers, processes and workflow, bureaucracy, and so on, we are ultimately an animal, with instincts.

Language has done it’s part in making us convert instincts into words, but if you look into yourself, and experiment a little, you will find that when you get an instinct, a feeling from within, you understand it before you actually put it into words. The actual process of putting into words, will help you remember, because it’s easier to remember sentences, words, and logic, than understand a single temporary feeling or gut instinct.

And so, this is an important lesson, when one is approaching society with the intention of fitting, and manipulating people to get his own way. I am not talking about negative manipulation, because if you do that, you shall bear the consequences, as usually happens. I’m talking about fitting yourself, manipulating yourself and the surroundings, in positive manners. Doing the right thing – Socially. Emotional intelligence has a lot to do with it, too. If done right, a person can be quite successful. No diploma or university degree will give you Emotional Intelligence. This is something you learn, the hard way, or it could be something that you inherit while growing in the right family.

I will have to explore more into this. Maybe find ways to test Emotional Intelligence in people, using short tricks, that quicken the assessment process…?

We shall see! 🙂

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I know what you mean about ‘converting instincts into words’. I find myself literally translating my thoughts into English, and I usually don’t think it is a complete translation. That’s why speaking is so funny–you need it to express yourself, and to make other people comply to you and understand you, yet you can’t actually say what you think……

Well almost

I wasn’t talking about the ability to convey what you want, that’s going into the microcosmos of the actual communication contents. I was talking more about the general process of communications. I guess there goes another mis-communication, either on my side, or on yours (bad reception) 🙂

Have a LOT of fun,


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