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  • The Miracle of Hummus

    The Miracle of Hummus

    Over the years I have tasted various styles of Hummus around the world. Enough styles to know that when someone asks “What exactly is Hummus?” the correct answer is “It’s complicated”. The typical person will tell you Hummus is made out of chickpeas ground into a paste. The more experienced foodies will tell you it also contains sesame paste (“Tahini” in […]

  • Shakshuka: minimal, easy, yummy.

    Hi again! it’s me and my whims again. and this time, how to make a delicious Shakshuka (oriental fried tomato+egg dish) with what you probably have in your house. well, except for maybe tomato puree. go get it. Now, when I cook, I usually prefer to work harder but make smaller portions. the dish is […]

  • How a Juicing diet works (+recipes)

    How a Juicing diet works (+recipes)

    My own background story with Juicing This story begins before I left Israel, around October 2009. I was working comfortably in the hi-tech industry, eating regular meals every day with my colleagues. The sad truth is that I somehow let myself go, and eventually weighed around 105kg (that’s almost 210 pounds for those on the […]

  • “Asli” Yemenite Soup

    One of the positive effects of the creation of the state of Israel, and the ensuing “import” of Jews from so many exotic places on the planet back into their original homeland, is the culinary richness we now enjoy in the country. Every family brought unique and exquisite recipes from their host country, and some of them have opened little food shops that dispense their special outlook on what recipe “X” should really be like. One of my own personal favorites is the Yemenite soup and the accompaniments, and for me it’s no longer just about the soup but also about the ritual 😉