Baby Shrimp sauted in spicy tomato


– Peel & Seed 3 to 4 ripe tomatos (depending on size), and cut to fine pieces (for fast cooking)
– 2 to 3 garlic pcs.
– 1/5 finely cut onion
– 3 table spoons strong olive oil
– Oregano, Thime, Basil (all or whichever you can get your hands on, fresh is better)
– 1 tsp sugar
– Salt & Pepper
– Ground red pepper (Paprika)
– Tabasco sauce (Red)
– 500 grams of baby shrimp


1. Add 3 spoons olive oil in a saucepan, on medium fire
2. Add the onion + garlic together
3. Wait for the onion to become transparent (not brown!)
4. Add the tomatos
5. Add thime, oregano, and/or basilicum (whichever you like)
6. Add finely ground red pepper (Paprika) & Tabasco Sauce
7. Add some salt & pepper
8. Add 1 tea spoon sugar

The whole thing cooks for around 30 minutes, or less if your stove is of the powerful type. I suggest tasting the sauce, and fixing the spicing as you go.

Once the sauce reaches the correct consistency, throw in the baby shrimp. Wait just enough for them to become pink, and you’r done! CAREFUL, Do not overcook the shrimp!

NOTE: Certain brands of baby shrimp are sold pre-cooked, and while this is mostly undesirable, it is the only choice for some of us out there. Just remember to be careful not to overcook the shrimp, as they lose their softness & crunchiness.

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