Author: Aric

  • The gift of new knowledge

    The gift of new knowledge

    This is a follow up post to my blog post from around 2 years ago. Why now? for two reasons: I learned that sometimes you may live in a mental / existential “fog” without being fully aware. You become aware of it either if/when the fog lifts, or if/when you manage to recover. I now […]

  • Stupidity happens, Pain ensues

    Stupidity happens, Pain ensues

    Before we begin I’m doing fine now. It’s been 25 months since the incident. It took about 18 months to recover to 90%, and another 6 months to recover the last 10%. I can confidently say that I am the same or better today, health-wise, than I was before this happened to me. TL;DR: I […]

  • On the practice of OM

    On the practice of OM

    Those closest to me know that I’ve always been on an iterative path of self development and improvement. It is important for me to grow as a human being. I want to grow academically, but also emotionally and socially. I know this will make me a better person, and being a parent to two incredible […]

  • The Miracle of Hummus

    The Miracle of Hummus

    Over the years I have tasted various styles of Hummus around the world. Enough styles to know that when someone asks “What exactly is Hummus?” the correct answer is “It’s complicated”. The typical person will tell you Hummus is made out of chickpeas ground into a paste. The more experienced foodies will tell you it also contains sesame paste (“Tahini” in […]

  • How to succeed on OKCupid

    Preamble I am no longer on OkCupid myself. I erased my profile sometime before I got engaged. However I talk to many friends who ask me how I managed to find my wife on OkCupid, and I found myself explaining it so many times that I decided to just post it on here for everyone to see. […]