And again, new love!

The unexpected, and unbelievable has happened to me.
The situation before last night:

* Broke up with the last girlfriend, a month ago
* Completely heart broken
* Given up on women for a while
* Didn’t feel like having a new relationship
* Didn’t think I could have one, even if I wanted one, with the pressure at work

Then, my Aunt hears I’m single again, and she tries again to hook me up with this girl she knows… (Last time, I already had a girlfriend, so she couldn’t). Nothing could have prepared me for what has happened.

My aunt gave me the number, and urged me to call… the girl was waiting for my call, being told I would… how could I not call? 🙂

The same day, my parents heard that I received the number, so they called me and urged me to call as well, giving me lectures on life, and that people need to go on, and that change is inevitable, and that they heard she is beautiful and smart (nah. impossible).

Anyway, I call her, and it’s a bit awkward at first… a total stranger, yet, the voice is calm and pleasant, open, jovial even… hm. she’s nice. I talk to her a bit, and we set up to meet at 21:00. Afraid of being late, I left work at 20:30, planning to get there around 10 minutes before. No traffic, I get there at 20:35!! (World record!) and that’s with driving slow.

The woman is beautiful, intelligent, interesting, and above all, she’s relaxed, has seen enough in her life to know that it’s important to take things easy, and never stress on anything, because, I mean, what the hell could happen anyway?!

The evening was beautiful, ending in hugs and kisses. Does this mean the end to my temporary loneliness, again? Will this really happen? Am I going to have a nice relationship? This remains to be discovered by your faithful wanderer…

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