Alliance of Civilizations

I have been following the release of a document by the UN Secretary General last year (Press release here) which initiates an effort to bring more balance to our planet. This initiative is called “Alliance of civilizations” or UNAOC.
I am a romantic, and such efforts do appeal to my inner child, who has an idealistic image of how a planet should be run and how civilizations should co-exist. This is in part why as a child I loved the TV series “Star Trek”. When I was 7 years old, my dream was to be a Swiss citizen. We all want peace, freedom and prosperity. Or so I believed for a while.

If we go back to the document in question (You can download it here) we see a certain view of the Secretary General, which tells us that there is a problem, the nature of the problem, and that something can be done to fix it. It also proposes ways to fix the imbalance.

However one thing bothers me: This document and the entire initiative seem like a futile effort, which does not have roots in the real world. It is an idealistic approach, which will not hold water in the real world. I almost feel like these guys have been so detached from the public, that they have lost touch with reality. I am talking about the leaders who proposed the initiative.

The initiative presents the problem as being primarily between Muslims and the Western world (America vs. Arabs, etc). It offers regulations, and centralization of power into one global body — the U.N. who will authorize and regulate education and socio-political propaganda in various countries that are members of the initiative.

They seem to forget one thing: The arab countries will not agree to regulations. An arab school who teaches kids to hate will not suddenly cease to exist. How does the UN plan to reach such arabs?

How does the UN plan to stop a culture that humiliates women, spits on them and treats them like cattle, dresses them in Burkas and beats them to death if they even dare to look at another man? And let’s not forget that for those arabs, that is considered normal life, and the women do not always know better. Most of them do not know what Toilet Paper is and how to use it! (That is NOT the joke).
How does the UN plan to stop a culture that is programmed to assimilate the rest of the world into one religion?

The Alliance of Civilizations may work if we had civilizations, but there is nothing civil about most Arabs. There is Barbarism. And last I checked, these two are not the same.

I grew up in an Arab country, among Arabs. I have learned to love them, and respect them, but even the smarter Arabs who are my friends will agree with me that it is impossible to control the simpler classes. The higher class of Arabs are cultured, civil, and great great people, but they are detached from the commoners. And that’s because the commoners live such miserable lives that the moment you take one such family and pull it out of its misery, they are already detached from their previous state, and can never go back! It’s like once you have tasted heaven, you know what hell is (or was). Let’s face it, the majority of the Arab population are living in Hell!

So how do we fix this?

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