4 Mice

In this dream, me and a woman are having sex. The woman is probably my girlfriend. We have great sex, and when we’re done, I go to the living room to fiddle with some stuff.

The strange part comes here – out of nowhere, 4 black rats appear from the direction of the kitchen, walking pleasantly one after the other in a row. I notice them, and obviously, one of them notices me, as it looks at me with small black eyes, and changes direction quickly. It was the third rat. The leader and the 2 remaining rats kept going to wherever they were headed, while the rat that changed direction just disappeared.

Another strange thing is that just as they came, they left – no trace of them. Also, no trace of fear on my part (I usually would fear rats, they bite real hard, and have germs, so you’d need a few shots after such a bite).

My girlfriend is dressed by now, and about to leave, but when she comes to ask me how she looks in that blue shirt, something turns me on, and we have sex again.

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