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Elon Musk, Mars Colonization, and me

Imagine you have lots of money, what do you do? Do you give it all to charity? Do you keep it until you’re 80 and then let your children fight over the will? Do you perhaps setup trust funds with altruistic goals, that end up eating most of the money for management overhead after you’re dead? (hey, execs need their bonuses, right?).

What I like about Elon Musk’s choices and initiatives is that he’s putting his money and energy into humanity’s future. He is not investing in its present or past problems, and he is not getting his hands dirty with politics.

What I realized today, is that if I had all that money, I would probably want to join him as a co-investor, and at the very least, I would try to get involved into one of the projects, even if just to help him reach his goals sooner.

I think of the countless times in my childhood when I really wished I could travel to the distant future. I did not like what I was seeing around me as a child engrossed in Science Fiction books that described partially utopian futures. I spent a lot of time thinking about how far I would have to travel into the future until I reached an era that might be to my liking. I figured at least 200 years into the future until most resource and religion wars are behind us, and the majority of humans have evolved enough to become decent human beings, with advanced, friendly philosophies that promote exploration, science, and simply being good to others (humans and non-humans).

What Elon Musk is doing is admirable because his actions bring this future into our present. This is the kind of atmosphere I want to live and work in. When you actively build the future, you invite it into your present life, and you become part of that future as much as that future becomes part of who you are. And let’s not neglect the gadgets: When you build futuristic gadgets, you live in the future right now.

This makes me want to focus even harder on my own business venture, with the goal of making enough money to be able to join Musk’s adventures.

Let’s hope I succeed! But whether I succeed or not, I am at least proud to belong to a species that produces people like Elon Musk, who are constantly pushing the envelope. They stay a tree is as tall as its many branches, I say the tree is tall as its highest branch / leaf / flower.



And about the Earth’s distance from the sun…

I don’t understand why many scientists say that the distance of our planet from the sun was important in order to sustain life on this planet. While I agree that the distance is important, and that too close would be too hot, and too far would be too cold – we are definitely within a “sane” distance. However, I hardly think we are in the best position possible!

The reason i’m saying this is the Warm/Cold cycle currently in existance on our planet. Every X thousands of years the planet gets too cold. It gets covered by ice, and a new ice age is inflicted on the planet. Then X thousands of years later, it gets too warm. The ice melts, water levels rise, certain islands “disappear” under the water, and people suddenly get all worked up about global warming, not knowing that whatever human beings do is not yet significant enough to affect the planet on a global scale.

It figures that with a certain amount of water on our planet, the distance from the sun greatly affects what happens with this water. Our atmosphere acts like a greenhouse, and the cycle is inevitable. The way I see it, we are a little bit closer than we should have been ideally. A bit farther from the sun, and the cycle would stop. We would then have a more or less constant weather condition all around the planet. I’m not talking about summer/winter, but rather about the warm/cold cycle. We would not have an ice age, and we would not have thousands of years of desert and famine.

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