And about the Earth’s distance from the sun…

I don’t understand why many scientists say that the distance of our planet from the sun was important in order to sustain life on this planet. While I agree that the distance is important, and that too close would be too hot, and too far would be too cold – we are definitely within a “sane” distance. However, I hardly think we are in the best position possible!

The reason i’m saying this is the Warm/Cold cycle currently in existance on our planet. Every X thousands of years the planet gets too cold. It gets covered by ice, and a new ice age is inflicted on the planet. Then X thousands of years later, it gets too warm. The ice melts, water levels rise, certain islands “disappear” under the water, and people suddenly get all worked up about global warming, not knowing that whatever human beings do is not yet significant enough to affect the planet on a global scale.

It figures that with a certain amount of water on our planet, the distance from the sun greatly affects what happens with this water. Our atmosphere acts like a greenhouse, and the cycle is inevitable. The way I see it, we are a little bit closer than we should have been ideally. A bit farther from the sun, and the cycle would stop. We would then have a more or less constant weather condition all around the planet. I’m not talking about summer/winter, but rather about the warm/cold cycle. We would not have an ice age, and we would not have thousands of years of desert and famine.

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