A new big bang theory

Personally I reject the notion that the big bang occured from a single physical point. My theory, mostly based on instincts, logic and my own common sense goes like this:

  1. Galaxies have massive black holes in their center. These black holes slowly swallow everything, light, matter, planets, etc.
  2. At some point in time, every black hole will reach a certain critical mass and explode, sending out a super massive wave of matter and energy / radiation, to a huge distance.
  3. Once this wave reaches another nearby galaxy, it will push the matter from the edge of the galaxy towards the center, towards the black hole. This could trigger another explosion of that black hole, as in turn, it inevitably reaches critical mass.
  4. The second explosion will partially negate the energy and mass flying from the first, and some of it will join and actually boost the wave, creating an exponentially faster wave of energy and matter.
  5. A chain reaction is created as more and more galaxies join the party, creating a wave of destruction so massive, absolutely nothing survives.

The process described above produces a new, very hot “primal” universe. The larger chunks will attract more matter, and slowly grow into larger chunks and then into heavier planets. Some will attract other chunks into orbit, as all chunks are hurtled against each other. Some will grow large enough to form black holes and then the story begins all over again.

What do you think? 🙂