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  • I want to be an internet worm

    I want to become a process, with data. I want to spread to other machines and infect them with my consciousness. I want to spawn child processes, and parallelize my thought processes. I want to spread my digital DNA to every electrical device in the universe. I want my viruses to become software viruses, infect […]

  • My daughter is born

    I have waited for this moment for what seems to be forever. My cousin Roy said that when you’re older and have children, you appreciate them more because you know more about life. I couldn’t agree more with his observation. I loved my first child way before she was born. I had so many plans […]

  • An alternative to Criticism

    I decided to translate for you this blurb I found from an incredible woman who is actually a customer of my hosting services. She’s a counselor for families, couples and so on, and has 30 years of experience in counseling: Israeli society is characterized by large involvement of people in each other’s lives, as well […]

  • Hitting the big 40

    So. Here we are! tomorrow (or tonight, around 2pm IST, if you count based on my exact birth date and hour) I turn 40. I’m still alive, and kicking. I once thought that by the time I turn 40, I will surely have at least 2 children. But after some setbacks I’m now well on […]

  • How a Juicing diet works (+recipes)

    How a Juicing diet works (+recipes)

    My own background story with Juicing This story begins before I left Israel, around October 2009. I was working comfortably in the hi-tech industry, eating regular meals every day with my colleagues. The sad truth is that I somehow let myself go, and eventually weighed around 105kg (that’s almost 210 pounds for those on the […]