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  • The gift of new knowledge

    The gift of new knowledge

    This is a follow up post to my blog post from around 2 years ago. Why now? for two reasons: I learned that sometimes you may live in a mental / existential “fog” without being fully aware. You become aware of it either if/when the fog lifts, or if/when you manage to recover. I now […]

  • The Miracle of Hummus

    The Miracle of Hummus

    Over the years I have tasted various styles of Hummus around the world. Enough styles to know that when someone asks “What exactly is Hummus?” the correct answer is “It’s complicated”. The typical person will tell you Hummus is made out of chickpeas ground into a paste. The more experienced foodies will tell you it also contains sesame paste (“Tahini” in […]

  • An alternative to Criticism

    I decided to translate for you this blurb I found from an incredible woman who is actually a customer of my hosting services. She’s a counselor for families, couples and so on, and has 30 years of experience in counseling: Israeli society is characterized by large involvement of people in each other’s lives, as well […]

  • How a Juicing diet works (+recipes)

    How a Juicing diet works (+recipes)

    My own background story with Juicing This story begins before I left Israel, around October 2009. I was working comfortably in the hi-tech industry, eating regular meals every day with my colleagues. The sad truth is that I somehow let myself go, and eventually weighed around 105kg (that’s almost 210 pounds for those on the […]