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  • Bitcoin is inter-planetary currency

    A lot of people are naturally hesitant and suspicious with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. What they don’t understand is that Bitcoin and/or Crypto Currency in general, is the natural evolution of money, and is inevitable. As the title of my post reads, I want to use inter-planetary commerce as an example to illustrate this […]

  • Why the value of Bitcoin will increase tremendously

    The skinny: Supply is limited, while demand is growing tremendously. Every day more businesses use Bitcoin, and this is not just online businesses. Yesterday I read about yet another bar, the first in Shanghai to accept Bitcoin. And here’s why I feel more confident in recent news on the bitcoin market than ever: Technology: Major vulnerabilities […]

  • Investors with Vision; Oxymoron?

    I recently found myself engaged in heated debates with a few of my friends and acquaintances about Angel Investors (the real and the wannabe), Venture Capitalists, Incubators, Bankers, etc. One of the things said, which resonated with me, was the following: “An Angel Investor or VC is looking for companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. […]

  • When is a business plan needed?

    I saw this question today on a forum in LinkedIn and decided to write this quick post, about when exactly a business plan is needed. One of the participants in the discussion even suggested that VC’s should be more trusting of entrepreneurs, which caused me to scoff and cough. Anyway, here’s how the world really […]

  • Venture Capitalists Hijack “Angel Investor” Term?

    Venture Capitalists Hijack “Angel Investor” Term?

    I read an article today about some “Angel” group in New York City, and I realized something horrible is happening. It seems VC’s are trying to disguise themselves as Angel Investors. Maybe to attract more startups? Maybe to appear less frightening? Maybe to shed the negative “aura” attached to VC’s? It used to be that […]