Finally, a new portal to my information

I decided to print and distribute my own business cards. While doing so, I realized that if I wanted a card that can stand the test of time, it will have to be very simple and contain only data that will survive the next 10 to 20 years.

It ended up being: Name, Email address, and a QR Code leading to this site.

I also decided to print them myself at home, using a high quality inkjet printer. I was in a hurry, and only had standard paper. In order to make the cards thick and heavy, I had to use 3 layers of paper. Then I thought, why not do something with the inner layer? So I decided to print my face on the inner layer! The effect is similar to those faces of important historical figures embedded in paper cash. If you hold my business card to a light, you can see me inside :-)

So my business card ended up looking very clean and slick. The front has my name and email. The back has a QR code. I distributed it to a few people this week, and they really liked it.

This is also why I decided it was time to revamp this portal to myself and my contact data. So I hope you found this useful, and I’m open to your suggestions on improvement.