I have been toying with computers since I was 9 years old. Fun!

My first computer was a Spectrum ZX81, and all I could do was copy Basic Language code from a book. I grew up around the personal computer revolution, loved drawing floating cities in space, creating my own printed circuit boards with caustic acid, and was a serious book worm – I absolutely loved reading fictions from Isaac Asimov, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Leo Frankowski (and imagining them coming to life), while listening to music by Kraftwerk and Vangelis.

I am a very social being at my core, and this has affected my life as far as I can remember. From running a BBS in the early 90′s which I did to meet new exciting people from around the country (and the world, via Fidonet), to the way I have been joining projects or recruiting team members into my own projects in the hi-tech industry. And later on, with my participation in social projects such as Open Knesset (creating transparency in the Israeli government), and CouchSurfing. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

I also have this innate attraction to projects that have the potential to help people in a massive way, and I have been fantasizing for quite some time about large scale projects that can do this, in a way that leverages my skills in technology and software.

Right now I am developing a payment platform that can help neglected communities (In both the first world and in developing nations) purchase products online using cash only. Just because a person is not a viable customer for a bank, or can not obtain a credit card, does not have to mean their exclusion for online commerce. To learn more about this, visit the OpenWallet website.

I am happily married, expecting a baby girl, and living in New York.

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